A Good Thunderstorm

Posted by Rural Missourian on Jul 18th, 2008

Our resident Mizzurah poet, good friend, and sister in Christ, Jan Wyller, knows how much I like a good thunderstorm, which we have plenty of here in the show-me-state. Below is a poem she wrote for me about them. It’s an awesome sight to behold a furious thunderstorm roll through at night from the balcony seat of an upstairs window of our home. The incredibly spectacular light shows and deafening booms thrill me, as I know my Maker and Lord ordains these storms. They not only speak to me of His absolute majesty and wonderful glory, but also of His humbling justice and holiness.  Thanks Jan.


God’s gracious countenance

Shines often

on us,


I love a good thunderstorm!

to let its winds whish ’round,

pummel me with tepid rain,

to hear heaven’s rifles crack –


not reporting (whom, or) what they shot,

Echoing away, Deeper volleys encoring . . .

I love to see, sharp against the bullying dark,

some distant

torched tree a-sizzle,

Love laughing, watching your hair

frizzle, stand erect

in electric air!

Ozone’s fruity fragrance teases


Greening above announces: ¿HAIL!?


Under grey-yellow skies,

we picked (and ate) from flat green grass

its icy globes

dropped just for us!

I’m grateful His summer cycle’s

not tight,

Its clean freewheeling blessing’s

Bright, warm—


I still love a good


2 Responses

  1. Matt Davis Says:

    That is a beautiful poem. Please tell Ms. Jan that I always enjoy reading the poetry that you post. I’ll bet those storm you’re talking about often come in from the direction of Art’s house or a little more toward Crooked River Valley. That’s what I was imagining while reading the poem.

    Thunderstorms are mighty and awsome to behold sometimes. I LOVE storms. I would love to “ride out” a Cat1 or 2 hurricane down here once, but you never know when they will suddenly strengthen and become “the big one”. Believe it or not, Katrina actually missed New Orleans. Had she been only 15 or so miles more west, whoa!

  2. Taci Says:

    I love a good mid-western thunderstorm (and there have been plenty of them this year), and I like that poem,too!

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