The Heart of Biblical Agrarianism

Posted by Missouri Rev on Oct 17th, 2005

Greetings one and all. Because this post is comprised of an article I wrote entitled, The Heart of Biblical Agrarianism, which is eleven pages in length, I thought it wise to give you a link to it, rather than paste it into the confined window of my blogging template.

Here is the link:

The Heart of Biblical Agrarianism.

It is in a PDF format, as I believe most people on the Internet these days can open PDF documents. If you do not have the software to open it, you can download it for free at this site: Adobe Reader Download: all versions

I strongly believe that if we do not understand the biblical foundations and basis behind the actions we take in God’s name, we start out on the wrong foot which leads to frustration and failure for we labor in vain if the Lord does not the build the house. Returning to true biblical agrarianism, even by God’s grace and leading, is no easy task, as many bloggers who are doing it can testify. This is why I greatly appreciate Scott Terry’s blog and other like-minded ones. It thus behooves us to understand the scope of the task God has set before us and His laws which are to govern it. This is especially true when it comes to stewarding the land God has given us while establishing godly inheritances by which we can sustain a generational continuity blessed of Him. This is all the more vital, given the rapidly deteriorating condition of our nation today. Thanks for dropping in, sorry it took a while to get this posted. There is more coming soon.

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  1. Herrick Kimball Says:

    Well, I would love to read what you have written but I am probably the only person in the world with internet access who cannot get pdf files. I’ve tried everything I can to get the software downloaded. I will stop by my local library tomorrow after work and see if I can make it happen there.

    Then I’ll return with comment.


  2. Missouri Rev Says:

    Herrick, it’s good to hear from you, even when it’s to graciously advise me that my latest diatribe could not be accessed by you. I guess I presumed too much that the world of computers and Internet communications was reliable. I have remedied your dilemma by e-mail, please let me know if it worked.

  3. Northern Farmer Says:

    I’m sorry to say I can’t open pdf either, haven’t gotten around to downloading it on this new computer and with dial up it’ll take over an hour which I probobly won’t have for a month or so yet. So if it could be passed along by e-mail I’d be thankful.


  4. Bob Mothershed Says:

    Well, this is a long time out from the original post but I wanted to say that the pdf worked great and I really learned from the article. This is an important subject that I have tried to get my pastor interested in many times only to find that he was able to blow up most of the Agrarian arguments out there with simple logic and basic exegesis of the Word. I really think that you have helped me “convert” him with this piece. Finally a decent Reformed perspective. Many thanks, Bob

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