What are We Biblical Agrarians to Do?

Posted by Missouri Rev on Mar 4th, 2006

I would like to point you to an article, Cornucopia Institute Opposes Virginia Poultry Proposal —Legislation Could Ban Small Scale/Humane Production, cited by the Reformed Farmer in his most recent blog posting. This article deals with a piece of legislation in Virginia – HR 982 – that could ban any and all outdoor (read non-confinement) chicken farming (even by families for family use) under the guise of the current bird flu scare. HR 982 is no idle threat, by any means, as this type of legislation will be making its way across the nation, thanks to the full backing of the confinement poultry industry, one of the many tentacles of corporate agribusiness. It is yet another effort by the corporate state, in exalting itself as god over mankind, to “save us from ourselves,” that is, to have the dominion as the head over mankind and the earth for the supposed “good of all.” Don’t think for a minute that should this legislation pass that it would remain largely unenforceable. Federal funds are already being sought to empower enforcement at the local level to shut down these “potentially dangerous” poultry operations. This type of legislative salvation has happened many times before in our nation.

First you start by generating real fear through the national and local media until the public gets riled enough to demand “legislative” action, like we have witnessed with the war on terrorism and the subsequent reams of legislation passed and implemented which call for a greatly expanded central government – working, of course, in league with certain appointed corporations and various NGOs (non government organizations) – who, together, step in to save us . . . of course at an astronomical cost and greater governmental control of our lives. Once the legislation has been passed on poultry production and the accompanying enforcement regulations written, all that is needed to gain compliance are a few ruthless, well publicized raids, arrests, and convictions coupled with the implementation of a lucrative informant system and the vast majority of “non-regulated” chicken farming will cease out of fear and real financial ruin.

I can see the billboards now. “Stop the spread of disease and protect your family and neighbors from harm. Dial 1-800-CHICKEN if you know of any unauthorized poultry farms or flocks. All calls are strictly confidential and substantial rewards are given.” History has shown, as was the recent case with the former Soviet Union, that when the public gets word that they can receive easy money from the public largess by simply informing on their neighbor, especially in strict confidentiality, they will do it with gusto. I can also hear the “educated” informant’s rationale for doing such duty, “What’s the big deal anyway, are not the readily available, low-priced chickens and eggs produced by the modern farmers of today, especially under the “careful watch” of the USDA, far safer than the birds and eggs raised by unregulated farmers and families? Do not the federal and corporate authorities in power know what’s best for us since they have done so much expensive research?” You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice (Exo. 23:2).

Just remember that our federal central government inextricably intertwined with all state governments, through its powerful alliance with the Federal Reserve and other strategic corporations, has an endless supply of funds (created through uncontrolled borrowing) at its disposal to empower all corporate takeovers as are deemed necessary to maintain its very real dominion. If you do not believe this is so, just talk to the tens of thousands of families driven off their small family farms in the last 50 years by the “progressive polices” of Uncle Sam and one of his many corporate mistresses, the agribusiness industry. The behemoth global corporations Monsanto and ConAgra, to name a few, are great examples of this cooperative takeover by the corporate state. One corporation backing HR 982 is Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc., a powerful growers’ and processor’s “association,” (read corporation) which heavily promotes the huge confinement operations that supply nearly all of the chickens and eggs Americans consume today.

Here is a quote from the article by Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst for The Cornucopia Institute, “Nothing would make the huge poultry confinement operators happier than to squelch an increasingly popular competitor that consumers are flocking to . . . Consumers have discovered that the purveyors of organic and direct-market eggs and poultry raised in healthy, outdoor conditions offer a superior-tasting product, and that scares the huge confinement operations.”

Bottom-line: “independent farmers,” who produce a far superior product using a means which does not require them to worship at the altar of mammon by going into perpetual debt through consuming a fortune of expensive agribusiness products and methodologies, are a very real threat to those who do, who have “paid their dues” by yoking to the corporate state. The very real public threat is not the bird flu, should God send it, but the incorporated love of money and power – a real cause for such judgment — that debt–based economic systems operate by in gaining and maintaining control of land and the commerce it produces via the corporation, the artificial child of fallen man.

As man is to God a servant expressly created to take dominion of the earth through obedience to God’s Law in and for His glory (Gen. 1:26-28), so fallen man, in suppressing this truth while mimicking the Lord in exalting himself as god (Rom. 1:18-23), has created the corporation – an artificial person – to be his servant in taking dominion of his fellow man and the earth for himself. Read very carefully the legal definition of the corporation given below. It reveals the heart of fallen man to suppress the truth of God’s calling upon him as His servant and God’s right to determine his future (succession) on earth. The corporation is a mechanism of subversion – a legal end around the sovereignty of God – by which man determines for himself, apart from any liability for personal sin, what his future will be and by what means of succession. Fallen man, in “legally” circumventing the direct accountability he has to his Creator and Sovereign Lord to submit to His government and commandments, has birthed through “special denomination” his own artificial child, the corporation, to employ as his agent, directly answerable to him alone, in insuring that he remains the heir of the earth and its nations.

CORPORATION. An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state or nation, composed, in some rare instances, of a single person and his successors, being the incumbents of a particular office, but ordinarily consisting of an association of numerous individuals, who subsist as a body politic under a special denomination, which is regarded in law as having a personality and existence distinct from that of its several members, and which is, by the same authority, vested with the capacity of continuous succession, irrespective of changes in its membership, either in perpetuity or for a limited term of years, and of acting as a unit or single individual in matters relating to the common purpose of the association, within the scope of the powers and authorities conferred upon such bodies by law. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition -West Publishing Company, St. Paul, Minn., 1968, p. 409)

Just as important, however, the corporation has become a very effectual tool in blocking lawful interposition by biblical authorities (family, church, and civil) in intervening against the actions of those who seek to control their lives, liberty, and property for their own ends. They accomplish this solely by greatly empowering their corporate children by means of debt-based, usurious, fiat currency economics — the mother’s milk that grows the healthy bones and muscled sinews that comprise dominating pagan cultures.

Though it may be some time before a total takeover is accomplished, I believe it will happen to poultry farming as it has with nearly every other aspect of our economy and culture. What are we biblical agrarians to do? As I have said before, it is not enough to just buy land and start small family farms and businesses, important as this is. Who will interpose on our behalf when the corporate state comes to take dominion of our land and business through the long arm of legislation and economic reappraisal? We have gone long enough in generational pietist retreatism; the results have been absolutely disastrous.

The current agrarian movement among the Lord’s elect will die in its infancy if they do not see and act upon the fact that it entails the total, simultaneous reformation — spiritual, political, economic, educational, agricultural, etc. — of themselves (first and foremost) and the culture that surrounds them. More so, this type of biblical reformation begins with cultural secession, a term that makes most believers squirm in their shoes, since most “secessions” in human history have been bloody reactions to men and not the proactive actions of believers in separating from the unbeliever — wherein they have been unequally yoked — to turn back to their Lord in covenantal faithfulness (Neh 9:32 – 10:29). Now, before I give the express commandment under the New Covenant for cultural secession, as given by the apostle Paul, let me first give the definition for secession so you can see the clear connection between it and the commandment given by Paul.

Secession, n. [L. seccesio. See Secede.] 1. The act of withdrawing, particularly from fellowship and communion. (The American Dictionary Of The English Language, Noah Webster, 1828)

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” Therefore “Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.” 18 “I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty” (2 Cor. 6:14-18).

This process of biblical secession (separation) is not a form of reactive retreatism achieved through pietistic legalism, as is so common among so many Christian’s today, but proactive dominion achieved through faithful covenant-keeping where the ongoing growth of the new culture displaces the wicked culture surrounding it. The only way this can be achieved, as incredibly daunting as it truly is, is for it to start locally where God’s people living in close proximity covenant with one another to seek first — in their lives, marriages, churches, and communities — the Kingdom and crown rights of the Lord Jesus Christ and that according to His righteous standards as laid out in both testaments of the Scriptures. This is no easy task, as it absolutely requires the taking up of the cross of Christ by every participant in humbling themselves before the Lord in true repentance and reformation. The days of autonomous Christianity in America are coming to end, as evidenced by the righteous judgments of God in putting His people under an ever growing central government until they repent. The days of faithful covenant keeping, Lord willing, are beginning. Even so, come Lord Jesus and have thy way with your flock. — The Missouri Rev

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  1. Herrick Kimball Says:

    Well said, Missouri Rev! I am guilty of autonomous Christianity. It is pretty much all I’ve ever known. It is difficult for me to fully grasp anything else. But the fact that I’m even aware of it being a problem is, I believe, a step in the right direction. Thanks.

  2. R.G. Says:

    How ironic that the solution to the bird flu is raising them outdoors with lots of fresh air and room for each bird to BE A CHICKEN!!! If this doesn’t show the unholy alliance between big government and big business, I don’t know what will. A pox on both their houses.

    But you are correct sir. The solution is not to curse the darkness, as I just did, but light candles. Another fine article. Thank you.


  3. Missouri Rev Says:


    We all have pretty much known autonomous Christianity. It has been this way for many generations now. Our debt-based system of economics has driven us to look out for “number 1″ out of a pragmatic necessity that isolates us by making us cogs in a far bigger system, where personally accountable relationships within a local community and economy have been replaced with non-personal, economic connections within the “global community and economy.” This is even true for those who live in rural areas, though they do have more local relationships and economic opportunities (especially as it relates to living off of the land in producing what they eat and need for heating – firewood, etc.). Those that have made real strides and sacrifices in seeking to live a biblical agrarian life can testify to the very difficult problems it has brought upon them financially. Since they are few and far between they still must have direct intercourse with the system to stay alive economically.

    Joe Salatin has done an excellent job in creating viable models for family businesses that are profitable, ones I recommend, but all of them are totally dependent upon our debt-based system, which is not a sin since we all must learn to function within the captivity the Lord has placed us under. But his models do not address the growing problem of pagan economics and cultural dominion which is devouring our people and land. I believe Mr. Salatin has been used by the Lord to greatly help in the economic arena, yet he too is seriously threatened by the legislation mentioned in the posting these comments address. There are no civil authorities to interpose locally for him and or anyone else should the “powers that be” outlaw the type of poultry and cattle farming he has developed. Bottom-line: we need to develop an all-encompassing agrarian model which rebuilds our entire culture, one which eventually puts in place local civil authority that honors and protects a biblically based society and acts as an interposer to stop the wicked, be it believer or unbeliever, from plundering the righteous.

    The isolation (anonymity) we now live in is empowered by credit driven “economic security and opportunities” that become our autonomy, since it enables us to move about the bigger system with relative freedom and multiple options without having to be accountable to a smaller community. Thus, though Christians may enthusiastically espouse loyalty to Christ and His people, they often put their personal kingdoms first before the Lord’s when it comes to securing a financial future for themselves and families.

    Though we have become largely autonomous as it regards personal relationships, we have paid for this so-called “freedom” through becoming a slave to a much bigger system, which requires us to be an active participant who plays by its rules. When one begins to comprehend the enormity of this system and the control it already exercises over us, the solutions become apparent . . . long-term, proactive, multi-generational reformation through a return to local covenant keeping with the Lord and each other. . . not short-term, reactive ones where we throw a few votes towards a “conservative” candidate, move to isolate ourselves in a rural dreamland, or any other actions. There is a real cost to repentance; we might as well accept it and move on in faith while we still have relative freedom to do so.


    You have hit it “right on the money,” pardon the pun. The biblical solution to the bird flu scare is to rightly steward poultry according to the system the Lord created — ”raising them outdoors with lots of fresh air and room for each bird to BE A CHICKEN!!!” But since the corporate agribusiness monopoly has created a new system which redefines what chickens need — large industrial confinement operations — according to the dictates of the global market it controls, they must come up with a solution for the bird flu scare that insures their domination and future succession. Any solution that falls outside of their virtual world (empowered by virtual money) of corporate industrial control is considered a threat to the national and global markets which make their world turn.

    It’s hard to talk about the magnitude of the problem without appearing to be a “conspiracy nut,” but we have to face the music one of these days. Otherwise, we will continue to try to keep our own personal boat afloat through futile pragmatic solutions that trick us into believing that everything is okay, even though our nation continues to plummet into pagan debauchery and untold iniquity.

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