The Heart of Biblical Agrarianism – HTM Version

Posted by Missouri Rev on Oct 18th, 2005

Fellow bloggers, since it has been difficult for some of you to open the pdf version of the article mentioned in the previous posting, for which I apologize, I have posted it as a standard HTM file, which your Internet browser should open automatically. I hope that helps. Here is the new link:

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  1. Randall Gerard Says:

    Pastor McConnell,

    I appreciate all the hard work and study you put into this article. I used to think we could just tweak a few things politically, elect a christian here, change a law there, and all would be well. You’ve documented clearly how the foundations are flawed and badly need replaced. Historically replacing foundations has meant the collapse of the existing order, followed by tyranny and chaos, followed by restoration in local pockets if God wills. I dread the uncertainty of the coming years; and yet it feels good to know the full extent of our disease. If we know the patient is terminal, we can begin to imagine what life might look like without the existing order. In the short-term it’s not pretty; but this is still my Father’s world.

  2. Scott Terry Says:

    Pastor McConnell

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom! I always enjoy reading your essays. We are blessed to have you and your works. I have always said that Christian Agrarianism will not survive and prosper, unless it built on Covenant Theology and a victorious eschatology. Thanks again for all you do.

  3. Missouri Rev Says:


    Thanks for the encouraging word. Though it is difficult to face, knowing how bad things really are and, more importantly, knowing why is actually a hopeful process, for the Lord never reveals to His people their sin without also showing them the remedy. God be with you brother.


    Yes, I agree that “Christian Agrarianism will not survive and prosper, unless it is built on Covenant Theology and a victorious eschatology. The sooner the churches realize this vital truth the better. Thanks for your support and care.

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