Thanksgiving — November 2007

Posted by Rural Missourian on Nov 21st, 2007

Here’s to you, your family, and all who love the great King and glorious Savior, Jesus Christ, a very blessed and most encouraging day of Thanksgiving to Him. It is a most fitting day for Christians to unabashedly gather together in His name — and His name only — to offer Him thanks by faith, and none other. May He bless your day and fellowship to His glory and honor.

Though we see, as the Scriptures put it, “the day of trouble” approaching, we know from His Word and history, which vindicates it, that He always provides for His people, even when they cannot see where, how, or when it will come. I believe the days are now upon us where we American believers in particular will learn this vital truth once again in the painful and humbling crucible of fiery trials and grevious tribulation. I say this as a biblical optimist in Christ the King, Who is faithful and will not leave us to languish in generational apostasy, but in His good timing and pleasure, according to His loving kindness and tender mercies, will set His people free from the captivity of their own making, to worship Him once again as a decidedly Christian culture. 

To that end I leave you with this convicting and uplifting poem by our faithful sister and resident poet, Jan Wyller, which she recently penned from her deep stores of personal experience with Christ the King.  Thank you Jan.   — The Rural Missourian


Worry is faith

that God will not provide,

That His compassions fail,

That He, the Truth, has lied;


True faith is worry’s death,

Grace gift,

Vow of all mercies,




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